Practi-Digoxin 2 mL Amp (for training)


Practi-Digoxin 2 mL Amp (for training)



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Practi-Digoxin 2 mL Amp for clinical training. Snap, aspirate, calculate, measure, and administer fractional dosages safely and authentically. Practi-Digoxin simulates the commonly ordered IV drug digoxin (Lanoxin). Each 2 mL distilled water ampule is clearly labeled Practi-Digoxin, 500 mcg (0.5 mg). This is a complex learning experience requiring critical thinking when calculating, preparing, and administering dosages. Manufactured for safety and consistency, each Practi-Ampule is chemically scored at the neck for ease in breakage without injury. Health occupational curricula, such as nursing, pharmacy tech, and emergency tech programs will find the Practi-Digoxin Ampule the most authentic practice available. Practi-Lanox Teaching CD Module for the educator! Make practice easy, consistent and accurate! Qt: 100 NOT FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL USE. FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY.

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