Practi-Antibiotic Labels (for training)


Practi-Antibiotic Labels (for training)



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Easy to use Practi-Antibiotic Peel-N-Stick Labels for clinical training. Simulate five of the most commonly seen antibiotics, azithromycin, cefazolin, and ceftriaxone 250 mg, 500 mg, and 1 g. Peel and stick to Wallcur’s Practi-Powder vials for ready to use reconstitution practice using Wallcur Practi-10 mL Vial as diluent. Students learn to read drug labels, calculate and measure dosages, review actions, side effects, and methods of administration. Hands-on techniques for reconstitution of a powdered agent are easily understood with directions for use printed on each label. Students enjoy immediate feedback with an opportunity for repetition, and skill integration. Make your lab fun and meaningful with these look-a-like Practi-Antibiotic Labels. Practi-GO FIGURE CD for the educator! Make student practice easy, consistent and accurate! Includes patient case studies, physician orders, and over 160 questions with answers. Use with our original Practi-Powder (item 402PP) or our Practi-Powder White (427PW.) Qt: 100 – 20 of each label NOT FOR HUMAN OR ANIMAL USE. FOR TRAINING PURPOSES ONLY.

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